Walking onstage, having the fans all cheer, and sticking out there hands to give us high fives, it’s electrifying. Especially when a huge play happens and everybody just goes crazy, it’s amazing. Just the support that we get is amazing, and it really motivates us to be at our best every single time that we play. So with future, comes technology. And I think esports is a perfect example of technology being a big part in our world today.

I think that the esports community is very passionate and people just love play blackjack online canada, in general, and I think that’s why the industry is growing so fast. The Overwatch League is one of the first esports leagues in modern memory to really try to go down the same route as a traditional sports team, and build city-based affiliation and fandom. So instead of just rooting for the best teams or the most popular players, fans now have a team from their own home city that they can root for in the same way that they’ve rooted for local sports teams for centuries. There’s definitely a generational difference between esports and traditional sports fans.

If you just look at the average age of a traditional sports fan across the major competitive sports in the U.S., they’re all, I think, 40-plus years old for your average fan, which is a lot older than your average esports fan. It’s easier to access esports. It’s kind of more well suited for a younger generation. And I think that’s what’s leading to this kind of generational shift in how people establish fandom.

Players and fans can interact with each other as though they are peers, because they’re in the same age range, they have a lot of the same interests. And if you look at that in traditional sports, like your average baseball fan has almost nothing in common with your average professional baseball player. Whereas in esports, you have college kids going and seeing people their own age, with the same passion for a particular game, competing on one of the biggest stages in the world. It’s really hard to get esports if you’re only experiencing it through a computer.

You have to go to a live event and really experience it in person. It doesn’t need to be Overwatch, whatever the case is. Whether it’s Counter-Strike, or League of Legends, or Overwatch, or Dota, or any of them.

Just go to a live event, and there the passion and the fervor and the excitement is pretty undeniable.