How To Figure Baseball Parlays

For each price or odds quote on your teams, look at their respective payoffs (to $1) and always add $1 to these payoffs. Multiply your bet times the products of these payoffs (+$1) for your parlay return.

Example: Bet $50 on Twins (-150) parlayed to Yankees (-130) bet Twins Yankees return
(-150) (-130) $50 X 1.67 X 1.77 = $147.80 return includes the $50 bet.

Use the same method for any number of team for example: Bet $75 on Cubs (+120) to Reds (-135) to Mets (EVEN) for 3 team parlay

(+120)   (-135)    (EV)
$75   X 2.20   X 1.74  X 2.00  = $574.20

(1.00 + 1.20) (1.00 + .74) (1.00 + 1.00)

Return includes the $75 bet, remember to always add a $1 to the payoff price to figure out all parlays.

Types of wagers available for hockey: Straight (puck-line & money-line), totals, and propositions.
In addition, in the NHL Playoffs, the reason why casinos post lines in the form of a money line (i.e. PK-250, etc) rather than use a Puck Line (i.e. 1 1½) is that you cannot have a time game in the playoffs, one team or the other must win the game in order to advance to the next round.
Odds to Win Foursome  Wager on a player to place higher than the other players in the tournament. If there is a tie, the leader following the previous round is the winner. If two players tie every round, the player who was leading latest in the final round is the winner.
If the tournament was scheduled for 72 holes, but only 54 holes can be played due to weather concerns, then the leader at the end of 54 holes would be declared the winner of the tournament. In the event that two (or more) players are tied for the lead at the end of regulation play, sudden death playoff occurs to determine the winner of the event.  In some cases PGA officials may also have the individuals play a specified number of holes to determine the tournament winner.
In head to head matchups, both golfers must tee off in order to have action. The player with the most completed holes and the lowest score is the winner of the matchup.
In the event that one golfer or the other is disqualified or withdraws, the other player will be the winner of the matchup
Types of wagers available for tennis: Odds to win tournament, odds to win daily matches, and propositions.
Types of wagers available for boxing: Odds to win fight, draw, total rounds (over, under), and propositions.
When a draw is available to wager and the fight ends in a draw, the sportsbook pays only those who bet a draw. If a draw was not available at a sportsbook, then all wagers are refunded. Sportsbooks who did not carry a draw as an available betting proposition are obligated to refund all wagers. Sportsbooks which offered the draw, pay only on the draw and do not refund any wagers on either fighter. The only exception to this rule would be when a draw is listed as a seperate bet
Types of wagers available for auto racing: Odds to win race, odds to win matchups, propositions.
In Head-to-Head or Three way matchups, all drivers must start the race in order to be considered “in action”.  In addition, a driver is considered starting the race after having driven one lap.
In the race a starting driver who has completed at least one lap, but is replaced during the race with another driver for any reason, the starting driver will be awarded the finishing driver’s position at the end of the race

If a starting driver has to be replaced with another driver after completing one lap, and the second driver ends in 10th place, then the starting driver will be awarded for 10th place. 
Driver Scott starts the race, he completes 10 full laps, but leaves the race due to injury, and then driver Matt finishes the race and places 10th. In the race standings, driver Scott would be credited with 10th place                                        
Straight Wagers – Straight bets are very simple, select which horse will be on the first, second or third position. Win corresponds to First place, Place for Second place, and Show is Third Place.  For example, if you wanted to bet $10 on horse number 3 to win first place, then you have to bet on “Win”. If you want to bet all three positions, then you must ask for  “horse number 3 all  across the board”.