Plague Inc. Ndemic Creations brings out the inner Umbrella Corporation within you as you spread a world-ending plague to destroy humanity for good. Plague Incorporated is a very interesting simulation game for casual players. The main goal is to create a pandemic that could wipe out the entire human race. Do it fast, or the whole world tries to stop it and create a cure. To avert human survival, players can upgrade and enhance the lethality, transmission and severity of the created plague. There are multiple types of world-ending viruses to satisfy your need to eradicate humanity. You can also name it! Experiment with various combinations such as coupling a bacteria with bioaerosol transmission, or increasing the pneumonia affinity of your fungus. It’s a terrifying strategy game, and even the WHO recommends it for anyone trying to learn about online casinos that accept us players.

It has a PlayScore of 8.49 King’s League: Odyssey Command your own army of tiny soldiers in this strategy game straight from Kongregate’s flash archives. But this time, it gets better with new content, enhanced graphics, and an exclusive character for the Android! In this game, you will have to pillage the neighboring cities for their resources. Use these to upgrade your facilities as well as your soldiers with over 40 unique classes to choose from. Once your army is strong enough, you can march to the nearest caves and defeat bosses or engage in battles with other leagues and make your way to the top. As a premium game, King’s League Odyssey boasts an absence of in-app purchases and balanced gameplay mechanics that gamers will definitely appreciate. With their impressive array of awards, they just might be doing something right. It has a PlayScore of 8.55

Bardbarian Brad has had enough of slaying monsters and saving villages from doom and destruction. This barbarian seeks out the cooler side of life, create a makeshift axe-lute and collect as many loot from the blood of his enemies. Gather your townsfolk and prepare to defend your village from dinosaurs, dark magicians, dragons and more. Be a Barbarian with the musical prowess of a bard because why not? Upgrade your party, be a hulking badass and face waves and waves of epic boss battles because Brad’s life isn’t getting any better. It’s one of the coolest mobile games during its time due to its energetic soundtrack, memorable characters and a humorous presentation of medieval life. It has a PlayScore of 8.56 Anomaly 2 Although a little unfaithful to their name, the developers at 11bit Studio gifts the world with this android port that flaunts PC quality visuals and stunning sound design. If you got a hunger for explosions, this game is for you. As a sequel to the critically acclaimed Anomaly: Warzone Earth, it comes with a one of a kind tower offense vs tower defense multiplayer mode that lets you rain destruction on other players while scrambling to protect your own.