Hi, my name is Melissa Powell with Expert Village. Now we’re going to move on to the more typical hands you’ll see in poker. The ones you definitely want to know and keep aware of because you’ll get some and make sure you want to bet so that you win. The next highest hand you can have in poker is what’s called a flush. You’ll notice that none of these cards go in sequential order, however, they’re all of the same suit.

They’re all diamonds. It doesn’t make any difference that they don’t go in order. They’re not a straight, they’re what’s called a flush. The next highest hand in poker is a straight. Often, players get confused. A flush is higher than a straight.

A straight once again is cards that all go in order. You’ll notice that they’re not of the same suit. However, the five, six, seven, eight and nine are five cards all in a row. That is not as high as a flush. But a straight is pretty good. You definitely want to try and get a straight.

The next highest hand in poker is what’s called three of a kind. You have three cards of the same number. That’s going to look something like this, you have three tens, and two cards that don’t necessarily mean anything. The queen and the jack don’t help this hand at all so they don’t really count. But you do have three cards here all of the same number. Three tens, a great hand.

The next highest hand is going to be two pairs. When you have two different pairs. That’s going to look something like this, two jacks, two nines, and a card that doesn’t mean anything. So the two doesn’t count for anything but you have two separate pairs. Two jacks and two nines. Not as good as three of a kind, but definitely a good hand.

The next highest hand in poker is a common hand, a pair. Those are just two cards of the same number. Pretty basic, but something that will definitely win you hands. So for example, in this hand, just the two queens could be good enough to win the pot. The three, the two and the eight don’t mean anything, but your pair right here certainly means a lot. Finally the lowest winning in hand in poker is what’s called the high card.

It’s when you have all the cards. It’s when you have cards that don’t mean anything together. But with a high ace it could win the hand.

The ten, the six, the two and the three in this case don’t help you at all. But a high card, the ace, can definitely win.